5 Applications You Should Use While Editing Your Instagram Photos

We will explain in detail the procedures and applications you can use in the process of editing your photos on Instagram.

You actually have a lot of reasons to edit your photos on phone. It will be very easy for you to make changes to your photos while sitting on the sofa, waiting for an order in the restaurant or in short, wherever you are.

Although we are a huge fan of Instagram, using Instagram to edit photos is not very useful. Here are many better apps you can use for this:

Step 1: Cortex Glass

First of all, we start by taking the photo. If I’m going to take the photo with an iPhone, I have two options:

If I’m in a hurry, I use the factory default camera features on the lock screen.

If I have time and the photo will be taken in a low light environment (or at night), I use Cortex Cam.

If you take your photos in these environments with Cortex Glass, the sharpness will increase significantly and the noise will decrease as much.

A little tip: Cortex Cam takes 2-3 seconds to take the picture. The longer your device is standing still, the better the photo you will get. Cortex Cam does not support long exposure, instead it takes a few dozen photos and chooses the best among them.

Step 2: SKRWT

In the second step, what we need to do is adjust the most fundamental factors. Thanks to SKRWT, I both verify perspective and correct lens distortion. Especially if you take pictures with an iPhone or a wide-lens lens, you will always have to struggle with lens distortion. So even before I switch to colors, I make sure I fix these basic issues first.

The reason why I chose SKRWT among many applications to do this process is; The SKRWT offers both more options and can eliminate the problems of perspective and distortion without compromising the quality of the photo.

In addition, one of the most important features for me in photo editing applications is that it can translate the photo correctly and has a cutting function. The SKRWT app also allows me to do these.

Step 3: VSCO

In the steps I mentioned above, we took care of the most basic factors, now it’s time to edit the photo.

I’m sure you know VSCO before, but if you haven’t heard of this app yet, I highly recommend getting started right away. VSCO is really hard to use but the photo filtering features it offers to the user is definitely worth it. I often use the VSCO app to animate colors and add effects. I have received all the presets currently on sale and it is difficult to decide which ones are my favorites.

I usually use A, C or E filters for nature photos. I prefer the Q and S presets for architecture and city photographs. It is my personal preference to have cool colors and tones in my photos. All of these photo filtering processes will change according to your personal opinion, because there is no exact way to do this.

But I can tell you that I almost never use the filter at 100% density. I always bring the filter to the 50-70 percent range and then slightly increase the contrast.


All these editing applications can help your post stand out among the ocean of content. To make your posts look even more interetesing, you can also Buy Instagram Likes from any trusted seller.