Is It Worth Studying MBBS in Russia?

Russia is home to top medical colleges or universities recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization) and the MCI (Medical Council of India). The universities like Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) are also listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS), and this is especially beneficial for Indian students.


With competition for college entry becoming more powerful, parents are recognizing the necessity to start college prep premature. That does not mean that you get started drilling faculty in your toddler’s mind (although a few parents are known to do so ). It will mean that you start a base for their schooling that can […]


How can college administrators clarify the current parent? Apparently, it’s. If it boils down to it, we ought to realize that this kind of behavior just hurts the pupil. Obviously, the pupil might not understand the harm. After all, their parent’s preventing them out of difficult circumstances in life. However, in the long term, it […]

Apply to the Best College of your Choice

A fantastic school list ought to have three “match” criteria: fiscal match, academic match, and psychological fit. Once your student has a tentative list, inquire if they’ve all three criteria prior to finalizing the listing. Choosing a right college will help decide your career in various aspects. Students may have variety of options if they […]

Choose a Perfect College for Your Dream Career

Your school list is the foundation for each decision regarding faculty. Without a fantastic list, it is not possible to generate a clearly logical and educated college decision. You should start your school list throughout your junior year of high school. From the start of your senior year, you ought to have a last listing […]