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Seven Decades of H&M!

H&M was first started as a shop in 1947 and sold affordable fashion wear for ladies. The shop, named Hennes, was situated in Västerås, Sweden. Since then, Hennes kept growing until it became H&M – Hennes & Mauritz AB – a multinational company. H&M today offers fashion clothing for men, women and kids, apart from fashion accessories. It is only second to Spain based Zara, with more than 5000 stores across 74 countries and offering online sales across 33 countries, worldwide.

By collaborating with various brands and designers, H&M has come to be a mainstay in the fashion world. With H&M in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, one can now happily shop for their fashion signatures, online! Buy as many items as you want, using the discount offer, through H&M Discount Code.

Flared cotton dress

Widened bottom and progressively narrowing to perfect fit at the top, the full sleeves narrow down to gathered cuffs. The bodice of the dress is elegantly shaped along with a slightly gathered bustline tier and stitched on to the gathered waistline on the skirt portion, giving the dress a graceful tiered look. The neckline is squared and elasticized so that the gathered look correlates with the gathered cuffs. Looks elegant and can be worn indoors and outdoors as well. A must-have, for your wardrobe.

Plumeti Chiffon Dress

Plume chiffon is full of creases or wrinkles and drops straight down. It has tiered gatherings on the skirt portion which is very slightly flared towards bottom. The waist is provided with a gathered elastic seam that sits tighter thus aptly narrowed down. The jersey lining is of recycled polyester and helps the garment with a perfect shape. The crewed neckline has a drawstring to tie up with a small opening up to the cleavage. The dress looks quite distinguished and will make you feel younger than your usual self!

Sleeveless Frilled Blouse

Made of crepe weave cloth, this blouse can be worn to work with an overcoat or for parties just like that. Crepe weave produces a rough and irregular surface because of the high twist in the warped and weft yarn. Because of the warp, the crimps or curls are formed and hence the roughness. Generally, the plain cloth is made of a crepe weave and therefore, you see the plain blouse with a frilled collar and frilled button placket. Due to these add-on frills, the plain look is done away with. The sleeveless blouse has a gathered seam at the back while the shoulder seams have a two-layered yoke pointing to the front. Simple and yet offers a polished look, the frilled blouse is worth the buy!

Pleated Chiffon Blouse

The airy chiffon gives comfort and a feeling of pleasantness. The lightweight cloth loosely clasps around the body. The pleats all around the collar down to the back and front and on to the shoulders, give a geometrical dimension to the otherwise plain cloth. The pleated collar has a string at the neckline to tie up the blouse on the shoulders and around the neck. The opening at the string protrusion is V-shaped and quite longer down, but is not revealing due to the pleats all around. The raglan sleeves run down to the wrists with buttoned narrow cuffs. Can be worn for any occasion and is a must selection for the wardrobe.

Quilted jacket

Perfect winter wear! Knee lengthier zipper and full sleeves should be enough to give that cosier space. The quilted jacket is made of recycled polyester, including the lining. The hood is provided with a drawstring to fasten it up and keep the whole body warmer and protected from the external environment. Flapped large patch pockets in the front, add to the design of the quilted line. The sleeves are ribbed at the cuffs narrowing them down at the wrists while having a large puff at the top. Easy to wear and maintain too!

Quilted Puffer Jacket

Waist-length jacket but warm enough for the winters, it is puffed up all over! Padded and quilted, lined with taffeta silk, the jacket sports a high collar with an attached hood. The zip runs right from the collar end down to the front end and also enhanced with a flap over the zip, which is fastened by the press studs. But the fastening on the cuffs is of tabbed hook and loop type. The front also has diagonally placed zipped welt pockets, while the hem has an elastic drawstring. Easy to remove and fold into the carry bag or the backpack, the puffer jacket is a must for daily use.

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