What exactly are payday loans?

A payday loans are just a very short term loan that can be used to cover any expense that you incur prior to when you next get paid. In generally they are very quick to apply for, and the fund can be released to you usually within 24 hours. The majority if payday loan lenders […]

Practical information on life insurance for novices

Life insurance is a form of investment which obliges an insurance company to grant an annuity or a capital to one or more beneficiaries. In return for the payment made by the insurer, the subscriber of the contract has the obligation to pay premiums. This savings product allows the insured to build up capital that […]

What is prepaid insurance?

Prepaid insurance is the amount of the insurance premium paid by the company during an accounting period that has not expired during the same accounting period and, therefore, the unexpired part of this insurance will be presented as an asset in the company’s balance sheet. Simply put, it refers to the portion of the unpaid […]