Will learning concepts affect when students are more focused towards their grades

One of my technology students came to see me lately asking to drop a course late. This wasn’t an unusual request, and because it had been soon after the deadline, I had been ready to accept it. However, before I did, we spoke. Our conversation went directly to the center of a problem I guess […]

Follow these 3 Tests To Improve Preventive health checkups in Delhi.

This deadly covid-19 took over the whole world, leading to a pandemic. It’s the time to be very serious and careful about our health, more than ever. We need to be extra protective than before. Covid-19 made us see that “prevention is the cure” indeed. In these crazy times, one with good immunity suffered very […]

Mira Road: A Paradise for New Age Home Buyers

Location plays a crucial role in deciding the convenience and value of the residence. While investing, the prior thing that strikes the mind is the magnificent location. Various factors like connectivity, social and physical infrastructure, Return on Investment (ROI) are decided by the location. Mumbai being the financial capital of the country is one of […]


With competition for college entry becoming more powerful, parents are recognizing the necessity to start college prep premature. That does not mean that you get started drilling faculty in your toddler’s mind (although a few parents are known to do so ). It will mean that you start a base for their schooling that can […]

Ganga Amber: A Splendid project in The City of Opportunities

Residing in city like Pune that is known for its best livability and employment opportunities is like dream coming true. For IT professionals, the city is a favorable location considering the IT development. With increment in job opportunities in Pune, the demand for housing in the city is also increasing. Various suburbs like Tathawade are […]