Styling Tips For Hair For Valentine’s Day

Are you excited for this year’s valentine’s day? The celebration of love is merely romantic and the perfect occasion to dress up. There are endless hairstyling options that will match your outfit this year, from the trendiest hairstyle to the most elegant. Look your best for yourself with a stunning hairstyle. 

Surprise your partner with different hair color like Dark Brown Hair Color and hairstyle to celebrate this valentine’s day. Scroll down to choose a styling tip for valentine’s day that fits your hairstyle.

The heart shape bun

This valentine’s day, try the trendy heart-shaped bun hairstyle. This hairstyle fits the love theme and looks fabulous. If your hair is on a medium or shorter length, a Clip-in hair extension will do the trick. Grab the top part of your hair with a clip. You will create the heart shape bun with the top section and let the rest loose.

With a hair doughnut, create a heart shape by tying three hair ties on it. Make the doughnut in a heart shape, pull your hair through it, and secure the bun with a hair tie. Tuck all the stray strands with bobby pins and the heart shape bun hairstyle is done. Throw in some brown balayage hair color to make it even more fun and daring.

This hairstyle will compliment any outfit. Just add some red bottom heels and bold red lips to complete your look.

The top-knot braids ponytail

Make your everyday ponytail extra special by braiding your hair with the braids in a ponytail. This hairstyle is easy to create but gives a sophisticated look with the braids. Pair it with a v-neckline dress and a cute necklace. A velvet pump heels will finish your effortless look.

 French Braided Crown

Feel like a princess with a French braided crown. To create this hairstyle by grabbing two French braids from both sides of your head is pulled back and tied together. This hairstyle is a more polished version of the three-strand hairstyle. Add some metallic balayage highlights such as silver and let the waves loose. 

Slicked back look

A slicked back look is a fierce and sensual look with the right outfit. Use a wide rake comb and a holding gel to get a sharp look. Apply holding gel before and after combing to make sure that your hair stays in place. 

This hairstyle is a bold version of the wavy wet look hairstyle. A slicked back look flaunts your features and gives a self-assured vibe. Nothing is sexier than a confident woman. To finish this look, wear matt cherry red lipstick with a backless dress and black stilettos heels. You don’t need to wear any accessories other than a pair of simple stud earrings.

A bow and low braid

Look like a goddess with a stunning but straightforward low braid tied with a black bow because why not?  Match this hairstyle with cat-eye makeup and a peach color lipstick to look graceful. A red dress will keep the vibe playful as well.

Topknot Hairstyle

Make your face the star with a top knot hairstyle. Celebrities like Taraji P Henson and Jennifer Lopez have the top knot hairstyle trendy. Perfect for a romantic night and work the next day, no wonder this hairstyle hot with university students.

Leave out few strands around the face to add a touch of softness. A brick red pout will complement your look.

Tight high ponytail

Show off your beautiful bone structure with a tight high ponytail. Gather the top part of your hair to create a tight high ponytail. Add some styling gel to smooth out your hair. Finish your retro look with some soft curls at the end of your hair.

Keep your makeup simple with a cute chocolate color lipstick and some highlighters. Make your look Valentine’s day worthy with a dark red dress with a thigh-high slit on one side. 

Natural Curls

A natural curly hair look is sexy and gorgeous. Do your hair in a middle part and apply shine spray or oil for shiny curls. The thick and luscious curls will make you stand out from the crowd. Expect a night full of compliments from strangers.

A pair of gold earrings and a rose pout will make your partner thank the stars above for you.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day with your partner and loved ones. You don’t need a special reminder to celebrate love, but make sure to glam up on this special day.