The Tarsar Marsar Trek Has Five Reasons To Do It | Kashmir

Kashmir is much more than Srinagar, Gulmarg, and Sonmarg. Kashmir is known as the Valley of the Lakes. There are about 15 lovely lakes deep in Kashmir's valleys and mountains that can only be reached by trekking.

Kashmir is much more than Srinagar, Gulmarg, and Sonmarg. Kashmir is known as the Valley of the Lakes. There are about 15 lovely lakes deep in Kashmir’s valleys and mountains that can only be reached by trekking. The lakes of Tarsar and Marsar, deep in the Lidder valley, are a treat for trekkers, unlike the famous Dal Lake in Srinagar, which attracts visitors.

Tarsar and Marsar are two oligotrophic alpine lakes in the proximity of each other, separated by a mountain range. The two lakes are commonly referred to as twin sisters because of their close proximity and comparable physical qualities.

Tarsar Lake drains into the Lidder River, whereas Marsar Lake drains into Dal Lake near Srinagar and flows in the other way.

Local Kashmiris recommend Tarsar Marsar as the only walk that brings you to the heart of Kashmir and offers heavenly views of Kashmiri culture.

The Tarsar Marsar Trek is comparable to Kashmir’s more well-known Kashmir Great Lakes (KGL) trek. The Tarsar Marsar walk is a terrific alternative to the KGL journey, with its fair share of breathtaking meadows, beautiful valleys, outstanding mountains, and lovely pathways.

1. Lidderwat and Sekhwas’ imposing meadows:

Tarsar Marsar boasts Kashmir’s picture-perfect meadows, which I refer to as the “gold mine” of Kashmir. These meadows are unlike anything you’ve ever seen, and they’ll leave you feeling awestruck and exalted. These meadows will put a grin on your face right from the outset, as you ascend from Aru’s basecamp and approach Lidderwat’s campground.

The valley opens up on the second day, displaying its captivating meadows and spectacular mountains around it, en route to the Sekhwas campground. A view that catches you off guard and leaves you wanting more. Tarsar Marsar is highly appealing, with its beautiful meadows and colourful trail.

2. High-altitude peaks:

This trail looks like it sprang straight out of a fairy country, with breathtaking mountain views and vistas. The mountains you’ll view along the way were created for this spectacular landscape.

Tarsar Marsar features breathtaking mountains that surround and separate the turquoise lakes. A crystal clear blue lake on one side, luscious green meadows in the centre, and rough mountains on the other are all visible from the campsite. As a result, a spectrum of hues is displayed, with each layer being more beautiful than the previous.

3. Tarsar and Marsar’s emerald blue tint:

The three lakes you’ll view on the journey, Tarsar, Marsar, and Sundersar, all have an emerald blue tint due to their oligotrophic nature, which means they have low nutrient levels, low algae populations, and hence crystal clear water. When the sun sets, the lake’s water looks to sparkle like diamonds. The Tarsar and Marsar lakes, which are the trek’s highlights, are so large that seeing them from different angles and elevations yields a varied picture of the lake with varying colours. Such is the allure of Kashmir’s lakes.

4. Staying at a campsite near the lakes:

The ability to camp near to the lovely Tarsar and Sundersar lakes is a highlight of the Tarsar Marsar hike.

It’s not every day that you get to camp close to a high-altitude glacier alpine lake. There are few places in the world where you may camp close to such magnificent high alpine lakes.

Well, you may do so right now, and you have no idea how amazing it is. As you camp on the soft meadows next to the reflection of the blue sky in the crystal clear lake, surrounded by jagged mountains, it’s so lovely and exhilarating. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that’s also romantic.

5. It’s a simple hike that’s suitable for everyone:

The Tarsar Marsar trip features a gradual ascent and is a moderate climb, making it ideal for both novices and expert trekkers looking to enjoy Kashmir’s beautiful valleys and lakes. The journey is less challenging because the total distance travelled over the 6 days is around 40 kilometres.

Lovely alpine meadows, beautiful blue lakes, a mountain pass with unequalled vistas, spectacular valleys, and exquisite mountains are all visible during the 6-day journey.

Visualize this image in your mind. Allow some time for it to be processed.

Doesn’t it appear to be very stunning?

This site is breathtakingly beautiful. It has the ability to take over your imagination.

What more could you want in a trek?

The Tarsar Marsar journey will provide you with everything you’ve ever desired, as well as inexplicable lovely sights. A hike unlike any other you’ve ever experienced. Now is the time to go on this adventure.

Tarsar Marsar, in Kashmir, is a true piece of heaven on earth.

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