Top 12 tricks to book cheap flight tickets

An evergreen question is the air traveling industry, how to get cheap flight tickets? Well, today I am going to provide you a seamless answer to this timeless question.

An evergreen question is the air traveling industry, how to get cheap flight tickets? Well, today I am going to provide you a seamless answer to this timeless question. This article is a guidebook on how to book cheap flight tickets. And contains the top 12 tricks to book cheaper flight tickets. You can use these tricks anytime to provide yourself with cheap air tickets.

Let’s know the top 12 tricks to book cheap flight tickets

Start looking early

The very first step to book cheap tickets is to start looking early. Do you know that most of the airlines list a flight 11 months before the flying date on their website? Yes, and thus you can start your screening process 11 months before the flying schedule.

Suppose you will be taking direct flights to Italy from US 10 months in the future. Then you must start checking the air tickets prices from now on at regular intervals (ideally once a week). This way you will get a rough estimate of the day when the prices of tickets are the lowest and the highest. Also, you will be able to grab a good deal within time, if anyone presents itself.

Make early bookings

Go by the rule of thumb- the earlier you will book, the cheaper prices you will get. Most of the flight tickets are booked during the last month of the flying schedule. And thus due to high demand, prices are the highest during this period. Making it fairly difficult to get cheap air tickets.

Thus, you must consider buying flight tickets between 4 to 1 month before your traveling schedule. In this way, you can avail exciting discounts on flight tickets.

Have a flexible traveling schedule

A flexible traveling schedule is a key that unlocks the door to cheap flight tickets. Suppose you are taking direct flights to Poland from USA to visit Poland. But do you know that like every other traveling destination Poland has 3 traveling seasons? And the price you pay for your flight tickets depends upon the season you are traveling in.

These three seasons are peak season, off-season, and in-between/ shoulder season. In the peak season, the prices of flight tickets remain the highest due to the high demand for air tickets. During the offseason, the prices touch the lowest ground because of the negligible demand for flight tickets. And during the shoulder/ in-between season, the prices of air tickets remain balanced.

In Poland, the months from June to August constitute the peak season. While March, April, September, and October constitute the shoulder/ in-between season. And the winters are a part of the off-season.

Have a flexible destination choice

If you have a specific destination in your mind, then choose either the off-season or shoulder season for traveling purposes. Otherwise, choose a destination that has a low cost of living. Suppose you have two destination choices say, India and London, then the tickets to India will be cheaper than the London ones. The reason behind this lower cost of living in India than in London.

Thus, pick up a few destinations and look up the prices of air tickets for them. Now choose the location with the most affordable air tickets.

Pay in a cheaper currency

A great way to save some extra bucks while booking your flight tickets is by paying in a cheaper currency. Check if the airline that you are booking tickets with accepts foreign currency or not. And if it does then pay with a credit card that doesn’t charge you a currency conversion fee or charges a 0 currency conversion fee. Otherwise, you have to pay the saved amount as the currency conversion fees.

Fly on weekdays

As the rule says, the higher the demand, the higher the prices, the prices of air tickets remain high during weekdays due to high demands. And they come lower during weekdays. Making flying on weekdays the optimum choice to get cheap flight tickets.

Set alerts

If you don’t want to miss out on a great deal just because you didn’t catch it on time then setting fare alerts could be the best option. All you have to do is visit the official websites of different airlines and set price alerts with them. Now every time the price will fluctuate you will b going to receive a notification on your phone.

Don’t book non-stop flights

Non-stop flights are the costliest among all three traveling itineraries. Although these flights save you a lot of traveling time, you might end up breaking your bank. The most affordable flying option would take connecting flights but if you are short of time, then consider booking direct flights.

Go for budgeted airlines

If you choose to go for connecting flights then booking tickets with budgeted airlines should be your idle choice. As you cannot book direct or non-stop flight tickets with these airlines because of their unavailability on longer routes. But as they cover significant distances, a pair of 2 or a combination of 3 connecting flights would be idle for you.

Use local airlines

While traveling within a country, you must always use the local airlines. As international airlines tend to charge much more than these airlines while providing the same services. Book a Flight from London to USA

Book a single ticket at a time

If you are traveling with someone, then you mustn’t book all the tickets at one time. Most of the time the offer says 10% off to $4 on your total booking amount. If you book 2 tickets at once from the airline you will be saving $4 but if you buy both tickets separately you will end up saving $4+ $4= 8$.

Use a combination of different airlines

This tip works while booking connecting flights. Instead of booking all your tickets with one airline, try mixing and matching different ones. For this, use the price comparison software provided over the internet.

Just put up the required information a list of different flights, along with their charges flying on your traveling day, would present itself in front of you. Now compare the prices and choose the most affordable option. Repeat the process for each connecting flight.

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