Peaceful Triund Trek, Mcleodganj

Nothing could be more peaceful and enjoyable for a city dweller than seeing hills filled in lush vegetation and fresh air! The ‘crown gem of Dharamshala,' Triund, exudes such exquisite beauty and peace.

Nothing could be more peaceful and enjoyable for a city dweller than seeing hills filled in lush vegetation and fresh air! The ‘crown gem of Dharamshala,’ Triund, exudes such exquisite beauty and peace. Triund, with all of its natural beauty and majesty, is nestled between the Dhauladhar Ranges in Himachal Pradesh and the enchanting Kangra Valley. Triund Trek is also one of India’s most popular trekking locations for young people, attracting thousands of adventurers from all across the country.

The difficult terrains and twists provide trekkers with a great treasure trove.

Here’s why you should bring your luggage to Triund

Triund is known for its vibrant Tibetan culture, which includes magnificent monasteries with exquisite cloisters, Buddha images, wheels, and supplication flags. On your way to Triund, you’ll be treated to some of the most breathtaking vistas of lush green mountain ranges, white clouds, and dense forests. Witnessing the many brilliant constellations set the night skies aglow is one of the nicest things to do on this walk.

The Triund hike, in particular, is notable for its steep rise of over 1,100 metres. It is neither a long nor arduous journey. It takes about 3 hours to get to Triund from Galu temple. The severe ascending begins during the last 2 kilometres from Snowline Café, making the hike rather easy.

Triund from Mcleodganj

Galu is the trailhead for the Triund hike. To get to Galu, either take a taxi from Mcleodganj or begin the hike from there. Many hikers begin their journey at Bhagsu Nag, which is known for its beautiful waterfall. Furthermore, travelling from Galu requires following a path that passes through a dense forest of deodar and oak trees. If you have trouble climbing, you can hire a horse or pony to help you get to the top.

I set out on my solo adventure from Delhi about 5 a.m., passing through Sonipat, Panipat, Ambala, Chandigarh, and Solan. I pulled over to Murthal since I didn’t want to miss the famed restaurant Amrik Sukhdev’s parathas. I ate three buttery parathas and drank a glass of creamy Lassi, which was a delightful treat for my taste buds!

By 5 p.m., I had arrived in Dharamshala and was looking for a place to stay away from the city’s bustle. After exploring a number of guest homes and hotels, I decided on a hotel in Naddi village, which was much more quiet and calm than the other options. The hotel, which was surrounded by the settlement, provided stunning views of the Dhauladhar Ranges.

The following day, I chose to visit the Bhagsu Nag Temple in Mcleodganj. I came across St. John’s church on my way there. I parked my car and walked down to the church without hesitation.

At roughly 9 a.m. on the second day, I began my long-awaited walk to Triund from Naddi village. I first travelled to Dharamkot, a distance of 3 kilometres, after gathering information from locals. With sights of colourful prayer flags, flowers, mud huts, and alpine trees, the trip was a treat.

In the meantime, I encountered a few other hikers. We went to Galu Devi Temple, which acts as a base for the hike, after introducing ourselves. I lingered about ten minutes, refilling my water bottle and snapping some photos. The bunch of skillful mountain goats, which were balancing themselves amazingly while grazing on that steep mountain, is something I’ll never forget!

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