Why Pune is an Emerging Real Estate Hotspot?

As compared to other neighbouring metropolis of Mumbai, Pune has witnessed optimal growth in terms of various factors which primarily includes real estate.

Real estate in Pune has seen massive growth in the past few years. As compared to other neighbouring metropolis of Mumbai, Pune has witnessed optimal growth in terms of various factors which primarily includes real estate, manufacturing hubs, employment hubs and infrastructural development. The continuous migration of professionals to Pune has led to the transformation of the city into a vibrant technical center. The city is an impeccable amalgamation of exciting city life and employment hubs. Demand for homes and prospects for investors have grown which will ultimately provide the boom to the real estate sector.

According to the Director of Goel Ganga Developments, Mr. Ankit Goel, Realtors significantly contributed to Pune as a city and ensured that there was plenty of room for everybody. Pune has undergone a full makeover with major IT, automobile and manufacturing industries expanding their arms in the last three decades. Selecting the right location does not depend on a viable project or a bid. It relies on your intent and choice.

Here, we are listing several reasons which significantly resulted in the development of the beautiful city of Pune:

  • Promising Connectivity

Pune shares optimum inter and intra connectivity. With Bangalore and Mumbai, the city is connected through highways and internally the city shares an excellent area of networks. The major connecting roads and highways make the commute easy in the city.

  • Premium Educational and Employment Hubs

Pune is known as ‘Oxford of the east’ as renowned educational institutions of the country are located in the city. FTII, AFMC, Bhartiya Vidyapeeth, Symbiosis, University of Pune and many other countless educational institutions are located in Pune which ensures optimal education. Along with educational institutions, the city is known for its flourishing IT hubs. The city is the second major IT hub in the country and employs thousands of people.

  • Best in Terms of Livability

The city has been named as the best city in terms of livability as it offers a pollution-free environment, pristine greenery, and has a rich number of employment hubs. For millennials, Pune is an amicable location as it provides the best city life and promotes positivity and tranquility.

  • Leading Manufacturing hub

Some of the largest automobile, engineering and electronics firms are housed in Pune. Infrastructure and smooth commuting have contributed to a vast stretch of warehouses across the city. Pune has been termed as the leading automobile and manufacturing hub of India. The leading companies are getting attracted to Pune and are setting their offices in the city.

These factors are the major contributor to real estate development in the city. Goel Ganga Developments also have many projects in different parts of the city and has developed over spurring area of 4.1 crore square feet since its inception. The company is known for its construction quality and safe, secured and healthy environment provided by its distinctive projects. Goel Ganga Developments feedback is flooded with happy customers as major heed is paid upon their requirements and contentment.

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